What is "precompetitive innovation"?

Pre-competitive purposes / innovation / research / collaboration refers to early stage, multi-sector, “market development” efforts that aim to open up space and capacity for cooperation & competition by developing knowledge, expectations, standards.

OCAD SFI Teams Head to Prestigious Hult Prize regional finals

Three teams from OCAD University made their way to the Hult Prize 2017 Regional Finals in Boston, London and Shanghai.

Nine of the ten OCAD U MDes students are enrolled in the Strategic Foresight & Innovation program (SFI) and the tenth is a Digital Futures (DFI) student. Join us in congratulating the great achievement of Team Hive: Tania De Gasperis, Daniel Ura, Sugeevan Shanmuganathan; Team Sage: Courtney Cooper, Vince Galante, Ziyan Hossain, Lisa Hart; and Team Forsati: Alastair Woods, Jessica Thornton, and Lindsay Clarke.

Deloitte Acquires Monitor Group (and thus, GBN)

Deloitte Completes Acquisition of Monitor’s Global Strategy...