sLab Visiting Scholar: Dr. Carlos Scolari, UVic, Catalonia

During his three month stay, Dr. Scolari managed to fit a staggering array of related activities. While at OCAD University, he:

  • Expanded his research bibliography in the ecology of interfaces and held meetings with specialists from different academic fields
  • Held two presentation workshops at sLab in the Explorations series, on the subject, Transmedia Storytelling: Narrative Strategies, Fictional Worlds and Branding in Contemporary Media Production
  • Delivered a lecture on the research he developed while in residence at sLab, for his forthcoming book, The Seven Laws of Interfaces
  • Co-ordinated a session at the BookCamp Toronto unconference on The Evolving Ecology of the Book with Stephanie Troeth, and participated in the session Toward the sBook: simple, searchable, smart, social, sustainable, scalable co-ordinated by Robert Logan  (University of Toronto/OCAD), Peter Jones (Redesign Research) and Greg Van Alstyne (OCAD) ( Organized by the BookCampTO team and Booknet Canada at the Faculty of Information of the University of Toronto
  • Participated in two sessions of the Visual Thinking lecture series organized by the Knowledge Media Design Institute of the University of Toronto: Visualizations for Learning and Instruction: Integration within Inquiry Environments by Jim Slotta (OISE/UT) and Tools of an Attention Trader by Greg van Alstyne (sLab/OCAD) (
  • Participated in the Tenth Annual Media Ecology Association Convention hosted by Saint Louis University on June 18-21 at St. Louis (Missouri, USA). In this conference Carlos presented the paper "mCommunication: The Emergence of Mobile Communication Within the Media Ecosystem" by sLab Chief Scientist Robert Logan and Carlos Scolari
  • Participated in OCAD's Mobile Experience Innovation Centre's event, MEIC 3 (, dedicated to mobile industry innovation
  • Attended a session of the Darwin’s Legacy: Natural Selection as an Organising Principle of Science conference programme at the McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario).
  • After a final meeting with the sBook team on Aug. 11, we at sLab will miss Dr. Scolari when he returns with his family to Vic in Catalonia. However, we plan to continue the collaboration as Dr. Logan and Dr. Scolari are already at work making plans for further Canada / Catalonia scholarly exchange. For more on Dr. Scolari, visit his sites, and

We first met Dr. Scolari when he visited the Lab with OCAD Faculty of Art Professor Joanna Householder and Liberal Studies professor David McIntosh, in 2008. While at sLab, Dr. Scolari and sLab Chief Scientist Bob Logan discovered numerous related research interests, and subsequently Dr. Logan visited UVic where he delivered several presentations on media ecology topics of interest to Scolari's communications students.

Professor Carlos Alberto Scolari originally hails from Argentina, and currently lifes and works in Catalonia, Spain where he holds appointments at University of Vic, as well as a recent appointment to lecture at Barcelona's prestigious Universitat Pompeu Fabra. He holds advanced degrees in Applied Linguistics and Communication Languages, and Social Communication/Journalism. Along with his academic accomplishments, Carlos worked in the 1990s as an interaction designer, developing interactive products in educational, commercial and institutional communication field.