What is Foresight? Video Series

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Still from What is Foresight? videoPolicy Horizons Canada commissioned a series of short videos on the subject "What is Foresight?" that have been conceived, authored and co-produced by Strategic Innovation Lab (sLab), together with students from OCAD University's Strategic Foresight & Innovation (SFI) and Graphic Design programs.

Produced in English and French versions, and fully captioned for inclusive accessibility (AODA-compliant), the work is co-directed by sLab's Director of Research, Greg Van Alstyne and SFI graduate, Zan Chandler. The production team is rounded out by OCAD U undergrad research assistants Alex Appugliesi and Jazeen Hollings, who developed original visual sequences and edited.

The video is composed in the form of three short segments approximately 2-1/2 minutes each which may be viewed back to back or separately. View What is Foresight? as a full sequence below (7:23):

Séquence complète, en français (9:17):

View the work in shorter segments at Policy Horizons Canada's website:

What is Foresight?http://www.horizons.gc.ca/eng/content/video-what-foresight
Why Use Foresight?http://www.horizons.gc.ca/eng/content/video-why-use-foresight
Horizons' Foresight Process - http://www.horizons.gc.ca/eng/content/video-horizons-foresight-process

En français:

Prospective: ce que cest? - http://www.horizons.gc.ca/fra/contenu/video-prospective-ce-que-cest
Le processus d'Horizons de politiques - http://www.horizons.gc.ca/fra/contenu/raison-de-la-prospective
Le Processus d'Horizons de politiques - http://www.horizons.gc.ca/fra/contenu/video-le-processus-dhorizons-de-politiques