Robert Logan

Robert Logan

Co-founder & Chief Scientist, sLab
Professor Emeritus, Physics, University of Toronto

Robert K. Logan is Chief Scientist, Strategic Innovation Lab at OCAD University. Originally trained as a physicist, Prof. Logan is well known as a media ecologist.

Dr Logan received a BS and PhD from MIT in 1961 and 1965. After two post-doctoral appointments at University of Illinois (1965–67) and University of Toronto (1967–68) he became a physics professor in 1968 at the U of Toronto, where he is professor emeritus since 2005. During this period in addition to math-based physics courses he taught an interdisciplinary course The Poetry of Physics which led to his collaboration with Marshall McLuhan and his research in media ecology and the evolution of language. His best known works are The Alphabet Effect based on a paper co-authored with McLuhan, The Sixth Language: Learning a Living in the Internet Age and The Extended Mind: The Emergence of Language, the Human Mind and Culture.


PhD, MIT (1965)
BSc, MIT (1961)

Teaching & Research Appointments

Chief Scientist, Strategic Innovation Lab, OCAD University, 2005–
Professor Emeritus, Department of Physics, University of Toronto, 2005–
Senior Fellow, Institute of Biocomplexity and Informatics, University of Calgary, 2005–
Senior Fellow, Origins Institute, McMaster University, 2007–
Physics Professor, Department of Physics, University of Toronto, 1968–2005
Research Associate, Department of Physics, University of Toronto, 1967–1968
Research Associate, Department of Physics, University of Illinois, 1965–1967

Other Affiliations

Visiting Professor, Institute of Communications, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Spring 1982
Cross Appointment, OISE, Dept. of Measurement, Evaluation and Computer Application & Dept. of Curriculum, 1984–2005
Senior Fellow, Faculty of Environment Studies, York University 1993–95
Associate Editor, EME, Journal of the Media Ecology Association, 2001–2003
Board Member, Media Ecology Association, 2001–2004
Member, Editorial Board of Explorations in Media Ecology, 2001–2006
Member, Editorial Board, New York State Communication Association, 2001–2002

Awards & Honours

Nominee, Top 30 Lecturers in Ontario, TVOntario, 2005
Recipient, Media Ecology Association's Susan K. Langer Prize for Outstanding Scholarship in the Ecology of Symbolic Form