Peg Lahn

Graduate Research Assistant, sLab
Alumna, SFI Program

A seasoned strategist in systems change for positive impact, Peg Lahn is a renowned leader and capacity builder in Ontario's non-profit and public innovation sectors. Bringing communities, organizations and policy makers together, Peg cultivates effective solutions on complex social issues with diverse stakeholder interests. She advises leading public, non-profit and innovating organizations on nurturing collaboration, engaging with stakeholders, aligning strategy with social mission, and building innovation and resilience for enduring public benefit. Collaborating with talented individuals and committed organizations, Peg has led and co-founded many successful entrepreneurial initiatives for public interest. She has served as a grant maker at the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the Wellesley Institute, and Community One Foundation, and as a board member of Supporting Our Youth (SOY), the Community One Foundation and Sherbourne Health Centre.

Peg is currently active in applying behavioural insights to guide better decision-making for addressing complex problems. She has a Masters of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation (SFI), and graduated from Harvard with a Masters in policy, planning and public benefit leadership (APSP).