Leah Zaidi

Co-founder, Futures of Social Innovation Research Group, sLab

Leah Zaidi is an innovation entrepreneur, futurist, and academic researcher based in Toronto. She specializes in strategic foresight, complex systemic design, and policy innovation. Her clients have included the Brookfield Institute of Entrepreneurship + Innovation, Food Banks Canada, and The Arthritis Society, amongst others. She is currently exploring the intersection of science fiction and planetary sustainability. Leah has a Masters of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation from OCAD University, and an Honours Bachelor of Business Administration from York University. Her thesis explored how the worldbuilding processes of science fiction authors can inform the real-world design of complex systems in the future.

A staunch believer that language is a critical medium of design and that foresight should be ambient, Leah is a science fiction writer that melds creativity with academic rigour to engage in change-making. In her past life, she was a marketing executive that specialized in building brand equity for multinationals, startups, and scale-ups.