Kelly Kornet

Kelly Kornet portrait

Graduate Research Assistant. sLab
Alumna, SFI Program


Kelly Kornet (@kellykornet) is a trained graphic designer and a foresight & design researcher. Compelled to make sense of complex information through visual methods, her work draws from systems thinking, design, and graphic recording. A full-time student in the Strategic Foresight & Innovation program, Kelly is a Graduate Research Assistant in Strategic Innovation Lab (sLab) – engaging in projects such as Digital Governance and the Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group. Kelly's research explores our human relationship with the earth, and potential for a paradigm shift toward long-term thinking and ecological responsibility. Prior to pursuing her Masters, Kelly concurrently studied at Sheridan College and the University of Toronto, receiving a BA in Communications and Design, minoring in Earth Science, a diploma in Art & Art History, and a certificate in Digital Communications.