Gregorio Magarelli

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sLab UX and Strategy Assistant
Alumni, Strategic Foresight and Innovation

Gregorio is your classic “T-shaped designer,” with a focus in visual/graphic design and plenty of experience in design research, user experience, design thinking, and foresight. An American expat, he spent time as a visual designer in the Silicon Valley before moving to Toronto. Greg’s master’s research project explored on design pedagogy and design ethics through a historical lens, and was built upon his experience across a number of design fields as a freelancer and his time working in and learning design.

Greg received a Bachelor of Global Business and Digital Arts degree from the University of Waterloo in 2020, and a Master of Design degree in Strategic Foresight & Innovation from OCAD University in 2023.

MRP: Unlearning Design: Creating a More Equitable and Ethical Design Culture