Goran Matic

Goran Matic portrait

Graduate Research Assistant, sLab

Goran Matic is a graduate student in OCAD University’s Strategic Foresight & Innovation (SFI) MDes program, with research interests in creativity, collaboration and the design of net-positive, ‘non-zero-sum’ value ecosystems. His passion is designing inclusive and sustainable outcomes for multiple stakeholders in organizational, community and ecological settings.

Goran has a background in Computer Science, with strong interests in humanities and physics, with fifteen years experience managing technology & strategy initiatives in various organizations. Formative experiences include participating in social entrepreneurship at the Center for Social Innovation (CSI), and as presenter at the MindCamp international creativity conference.

Currently Goran is working to connect collaboration, systemic design thinking, and service design strategies in solving real-world challenges. His research focuses on ecosystem-integrated brands and collaboration patterns for teams for solving complex problems and highly-interconnected challenges.