OCADSFI Google Group

OCADSFI Google group is a forum for sharing items of general interest to the SFI and sLab communities. The group especially recruits and welcomes SFI students & alumni, for whom it encourages circulation of relevant discussion, news, events, calls for proposal (CFPs), research assistantships, and external job openings, and other co-curricular enrichment opportunities.

The group supports the broader SFI & sLab communities at OCAD University since 2009 through a subscribable, listserv-type member-supported community list. 

To Join


As of 2021 the list may be summarized as follows: 

  • Google Groups platform 
  • https://groups.google.com/g/ocadsfi 
  • plain text + links only
  • formatting, images & attachments are not supported
  • > 430 members
  • > 4225 posts
  • Student-founded 
  • Community co-managed
  • Language setting: English
  • Moderation: self-managed with faculty & administrative oversight
  • Subscriber options: no email / every email / daily digest (default)


Membership is opt-in, and offered to participants and stakeholding supporters of the SFI & sLab communities. The group especially recruits and welcomes new and current SFI students, for whom it may offer co-curricular enrichment opportunities, and alumni, whose differing needs are currently being investigated. 

The OCADSFI Google group was founded in September 2009 by Spencer Saunders and Susan Gorbet from the first SFI cohort. On behalf of the community our thanks go to all volunteer group managers over the years including Spencer Saunders, Susan Gorbet, Gabe Sawney, Trevor Haldenby, George Wang, Ryan Murphy, Ricardo Vasquez, Zaid Khan and other stalwart souls.