Design Emergence Media Organization (DEMO)

Design Emergence Media Organization wordmarkDEMO is sLab's publishing group, presenting new genres and formats of interdisciplinary design and media research. We seek to illuminate complex social and organizational systems, to foster foresight and innovation. All of these domains manifest emergence and demand continual updating of our systemic design thinking.

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The first volume published by DEMO is What is Information? by Dr. Robert K. Logan. Bob Logan is Chief Scientist and a co-founder of Strategic Innovation Lab (sLab) at OCAD University. Dr. Logan’s work at sLab follows a luminous career as Professor of Physics at University of Toronto. Bob’s academic research bridges complexity science, information theory, biology, environmental studies, linguistics, design and media studies. Dr. Logan is the author of a dozen books, and twice-recipient of awards from the Media Ecology Association (MEA).

“So, what is information? And why is it such an enormously difficult question to answer with any clarity and thoroughness? It is an ambitious book that sets out to answer this question, much less present an elaborate theory of how it has morphed into a seemingly independent universe of meanings, rituals, art-forms, values, and technologies since our ancestors first learned to talk. Who would tempt such a challenge?
—from the Foreword by Terrence Deacon