Gigamaps 2011–2015

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Gigamaps 2011–2015 — SFI Systemic Design Course

Selected synthesis maps are presented from course project work in the Systemic Design courses from 2011–2015. The first two maps are notable as they were the first OCAD SFI system maps to be selected for conference presentations, both in 2014. 

The Biomimetic Economy map (Ryan Church, Ksenia Benifand, Nihal Ahmed, 2014) was an integration of biomimicy principles for economic foresight following natural succession principles reflected in the Panarchy ecological cycle. They show the evolution from circular economies to steady-state systems, supported by Jane Jacobs, system dynamics models, and an integration of Three Horizons foresight model. This poster and paper were presented at the RSD3 Relating Systems Thinking to Design symposium in Oslo, Oct 2014.

Student Resilience in Campus Mental Health has been presented at several conferences and mental health discussions, including CACUSS 2014 and Flourishing Campuses 2014. The team of Sheldon Pereira, Shawn Hewitt , Steven Truong, and Laura MIlls (copyright, 2014) prepared this map with guidance and expertise from our advisor Andrea Yip with OCADU Health and Wellness Centre service design project.  

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Health Equity for a Culturally Diverse Toronto
Christina Muia I Jacqueline To | Lindsay Roxon I Smriti Shakdher


Go Fund Yourself
Patrick Robinson, Ahmed Alazem, Jennifer McDougall, Eman El­Fayomi, Michael Stulberg

Activating a Healthy Toronto
Mithula Naik, Ian Reid, Nourhan Hegazy, Dione Scott

Finding Yourselves in a Changing World Of Work
Maggie Greyson, George Wang, Angith Mohan


Living With Dementia:  A System in Crisis
Tom Kasanda, Sean Malloy, Julie Sommerfreund, Ryan Voisin

Trade, Currency, Value, and Debt: How might we reframe money as a technology to facilitate and empower the natural human inclination to exchange, trade, and share value?
Kim Peter, Mike Schaus, Lorraine Randall, Adrienne Pacini

Nurturing & Maintaining a Flourishing Film & Television Industry in Canada
Rachel Noonan, Hayley Lapalme, Cheryl Hsu, Eugene Kim

Serving a Purpose:  How Might the Canadian Public Sector Adapt to the Changing Needs of an Aging Population?
Kevin Morris, Amy Stevens, Lisette Useche, Sanaz Vazirian

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