Transmedia Futures with Zhan Li, Siobhan O’Flynn, Zan Chandler, Anthea Foyer

Tuesday, July 31, 2012 - 05:00 to 09:00
Room 550, fifth floor, 100 McCaul Street
What is transmedia storytelling and how is it evolving? How can we leverage its many opportunities? Can transmedia strategies be used to envision possible futures for enterprises and industries?

Transmedia consultant and educator Dr. Siobhan O'Flynn will present 'Transmedia 101' to ground us in the basics, and will outline some key issues in this emerging field. Zhan Li, co-founder of USC's Scenario Lab at the Annenberg School, will discuss his research at the intersection of scenario planning and transmedia storytelling, exploring transmedia as a crucial framework for strategic foresight scenario innovation. Zan Chandler and Anthea Foyer will then lead a think tank session intended to spark discussion of key ideas raised.

About the presenters:

Zhan Li is a Ph.D. Candidate in Organizational Communication at the University of Southern California's Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism, where he specializes in exploring the potential intersections of transmedia storytelling and foresight scenarios, especially through the prism of network, narrative, and sensemaking theories as well as hands-on practice. At Annenberg, Zhan is co-founder and manager of the USC Scenario Lab, works on projects expanding transmedia beyond storytelling for the Annenberg Innovation Lab, and is developing civic futures projects for Prof. Henry Jenkins' Civic Paths initiative. Zhan also holds a S.M. in Comparative Media Studies from MIT (where he specialized in video games research) as well as a B.A. in Social & Political Sciences and an M.Phil. in Social Anthropology from the University of Cambridge. Zhan's industry experience includes working as a global media & entertainment analyst for HSBC.

Dr. Siobhan O’Flynn advises on interactive storytelling, social media strategies, and the design of convergent, multiplatform and transmedia narratives. In her position as Faculty Mentor in Digital Storytelling & Transmedia Design at the CFC Media Lab, she has worked with many of Canada’s leading digital creatives, and has advised on over 70 projects including screen-based works, in situ & social media installations, online social networking initiatives, cross-platform projects, interactive short films, ARGs and interactive graphic novels. In 2006/07 she was the interactive story editor on Late Fragment, a feature film/dvd a CFC/NFB co-production that screened at Cannes in 2008 as part of the Future of Cinema Salon. Dr O’Flynn has mentored for the Digital Development Lab (CBC/BC Film/New Media BC), Melting Silos (NFB/SFU Praxis), Sheffield Doc/Fest Crossover Lab, and given numerous workshops and master classes on digital storytelling for international audiences (traditional to digital). She is also the Canadian representative of Storylabs, an international network of transmedia experts.

Zan Chandler is a futures-focussed researcher and strategist with 20 years experience working in production, program delivery, and public policy development in support of the arts and cultural industries in Canada. Zan has conducted research on Canada’s international audiovisual co-production agreements, the performance of Canadian films on the international film festival circuit, and the impact of the Internet on Canadian cultural policy frameworks. A former resident of the Canadian Film Centre Media Lab, Zan’s more recent research has focussed on the future of entertainment. She has degrees in Linguistics and Film & Video, and is a recent graduate of OCAD University’s Master of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation.

Anthea Foyer is a diginista, who makes beautiful things using technology, compelling narratives across platforms, and starts conversations between strangers & friends – on and offline. She believes that anything is possible when worlds collide. She has created, produced and advised on a wide array of critically acclaimed projects including graphic novels, interactive installations, online narratives, wearables, interactive installations, participatory theatre, multiplatform experiences and tv and film convergence projects. She has produced large-scale conferences, developed & presented cutting edge workshops, and curated highly acclaimed exhibits. She can often be found speaking, mentoring and presenting workshops about the continually evolving realm of digital media, with a focus on interactive narrative and the creative convergence of a variety of media forms.

With the financial support of the Quebecor Fund.

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Transmedia Futures with Zhan Li, Siobhan O'Flynn, Zan Chandler, and Anthea Foyer