McLuhan, Innovation & Design

Thursday, September 20, 2012 - 14:00
Suite 7410, 205 Richmond St. W.

How is it possible that McLuhan’s description of the electronic mass media and computers of the 1960s and 70s seemed to accurately describe today’s digital media?

He developed techniques for peering into the future by realizing that today’s effects are tomorrow’s causes. McLuhan was an artist, the kind of person who invents the means to bridge between inheritance and the new possibilities created by technological innovation. New technologies are commonly cast in the mold of the past. By carefully observing his contemporary scene together with its basis in the past, McLuhan was able to see into the future and describe our world. Join us for a panel presentation and discussion of this and many related ideas, with Malcolm Dean, Rodrigo Barba, Paolo Granata, and Bob Logan acting as moderator.

About the Presenters:

Malcolm Dean is Research Affiliate at UCLA Human Complex Systems and Higher Cognitive Affinity Group at Brain Research Institute — Los Angeles, California. He will talk about information technology design and McLuhan. Given Malcolm's interest in information–based cosmology, quantum information, Baysian statistics, and cognitive science there are sure to be some some surprises.

Rodrigo Barba is a graduate student at UnB (Universidade de Brasililia) and blog author Rodrigo Barba, 27, is a doctoral candidate in communication, a web developer, enthusiastic worshiper of board games and interested in activism, advertising, design, architecture, green design, communication and web development.

Paolo Granata from the University of Bologna, plans to start from the connection between McLuhan and pop art. He will use the McLuhan cloud as a intellectual environment. [see where Granata connects McLuhan to a number of writers, artists and scientists]. Furthermore, he is mastering the topic of magic in McLuhan that is directly related with advertisement and design, in an anthropological point-of-view, by the concept of fetish.

Robert K. Logan, Chief Scientist of the sLab, Prof. Emeritus Physics, U. of Toronto and former McLuhan collaborator will focus on McLuhan and foresight.