From Conception to Market

Tuesday, November 19, 2013 - 18:00 to 20:00
sLab (Strategic Innovation Lab), Suite 7410, fourth fl., 205 Richmond St. West at Duncan St., Toronto
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Ideas are endless, but how do we transform an idea into a profitable business? What does it take to execute an idea and build it into something meaningful? What are the practical design constraints around turning ideas into large-scale, easily reproducible products? How does crowdfunding or a new technology like 3D printing change the entrepreneurial landscape and what does it mean for inventors?

Wayne Fromm explores the critical thinking involved in turning abstract ideas into products that have great potential for commercial success.

A special event organized by sLab & Imagination Catalyst, OCAD University’s entrepreneurship & commercialization hub.

About the presenter:

Wayne Fromm is an inventor and entrepreneur most well-known for his art of turning simple ideas into marketable products. Mentored by the late Jack L. Kamin, co-founder of the multi-billion dollar company Cadillac Fairview, Fromm has a number of patented inventions and has carefully honed the skill of bringing his ideas to fruition in practical, innovative ways. Fromm was most recently featured on CBC’s Dragon’s Den, for his creation of the Quik Pod Handheld Monopod. His past creations include such hits as the patented Disney’s The Beauty and the Beast Magic Talking Mirror, Crayola’s Colour and Show Projector, Saban’s Power Ranger Room Defender and Nestle’s Nesquik Magic Milkshake Maker. His company co-marketed the successful toy, Crazy Bones a popular collectible that was featured as a McDonald’s Happy Meal. Fromm is a presently the licensor to many global companies including Spinmaster Ltd. and Nestle Foods and past licensee of Hallmark and the Walt Disney Company.