Foresight, Visualization & Governance with Evert Lindquist, Ottilia Berze, Greg Van Alstyne

Tuesday, April 15, 2014 - 14:00 to 16:00
sLab Strategic Innovation Lab, OCAD University, Suite 7410 (4th fl.), 205 Richmond St. West at Duncan St.
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How can foresight, visualization, and new forms of digital practice inform the debate, deliberation, design and reform of public policy?

For advocates, these practices go beyond merely informing the work of top decision-makers and experts, and hold great promise to engage citizens in deliberation and debate—but how, and to what extent? How do different foresight, visualization, and digital practices compare to other kinds of engagement? What are the implications for professional training, and critically, how can we maximize democratic potential?

About the presenters

Evert Lindquist (PhD Berkeley) is Professor and Director at the University of Victoria’s School of Public Administration and Editor of the journal, Canadian Public Administration. He has published widely on topics in public sector reform, governance and decision-making, research utilization, policy capability, think tanks, consultation, horizontal management, and policy-related visualization. Professor Lindquist has a broad understanding of public governance trends and an interest in foresight and scenario-building. He is PI for the SSHRC-funded project, “Digital Governance: Transforming Government Practice for the Digital Era” with OCAD University, Institute on Governance, Dalhousie University, and On Second Thought Advisory.

Ottilia Berze is a PhD Candidate in Public Administration at UVic. Her dissertation seeks to assess the effectiveness of foresight techniques, especially scenarios, in addressing complex problems. Her other research interests include: refining tools and approaches for managing global complex problems, facilitating effective leadership and change, improving quality of life and increasing human performance. With a degree in Sociology/Anthropology and an MBA from Dalhousie University, Ottilia became responsible for advising small and medium-sized businesses seeking to commercialize innovative environmental technologies, and served in various leadership roles over seven years in the health sector in policy, program and service.

Greg Van Alstyne (@gregvan) is a designer, teacher, researcher, futurist,  co-founder and Director of Research for sLab at OCAD U. With more than twenty-five years practice in strategic communications, experience design, creative research and development. Greg’s previous roles include founding the Department of New Media at MoMA, and inaugural Director of the Institute without Boundaries (IwB).

Foresight, Visualization and Governance with Lindquist, Berze, Van Alstyne