Design & the Children’s Own Media Museum Inspired by Marshall McLuhan

Friday, November 30, 2012 - 15:00 to 18:00
sLab (Strategic Innovation Lab), Suite 7410, 4th fl, 205 Richmond St. West, Toronto
sLab people: 

How might we design The Children’s Own Media Museum that is mobile and interactive? How can we make it possible for children to curate the collection?

The objective of the Museum is to build on Marshall McLuhan’s ideas and his understanding of media effects to provide a venue where children can learn to use digital media creatively, productively, mindfully and safely — while honouring McLuhan’s legacy. We’ll help children achieve balance in their lives between screen-based activities and other activities such as reading, art, music, learning, outdoor play and exercise. The museum will not be a collection of inanimate objects to gaze at, but rather a place where children interact directly with media and curate their own exhibits. It will also be a place for research and learning about the best ways digital media can be used by children aged 3 to 17, to better understand the social and cognitive impact of digital media on children and their families. Initially the museum will be housed in a mobile, 18 wheeler trailer that visits schools and community centres throughout Ontario, eventually leading to the establishment of a permanent home, available to children throughout Ontario. 

About the Presenters:

Debora Rubin
Digital Media Zone
Ryerson University

Jamie Alexander
Digital Media Zone
Ryerson University

Teresa Sing and Sylvia Kwan
CAGIS (Canadian Association for Girls in Science)

Beth Coleman
Kids Robot Lab in the Games Institute
Waterloo University

Ramy Ghattas
Director Logics Academy

Che Marville and Bob Logan
Children’s Own Media Museum

The Children’s Own Media Museum was inspired by Marshall McLuhan. We have mixed the old and new, with the plan to create an interactive, mobile and dynamic environment that combines the prescient ideas of Canadian icon Marshall McLuhan with the science of early childhood development, creative thinking and digital technology. Learn more about the mission and why they are inspired by Marshall McLuhan by going to and

Design & the Children’s Own Media Museum Inspired by Marshall McLuhan: A Workshop