Design for Youth Mental Health with TranQool, Jill Sharrock, Adam Starkman [video]

Thursday, July 16, 2015 - 06:00 to 08:00
205 Richmond St W, Room 301

How might we improve access to care for youth with mental health needs? Access to resources for people with mental health problems is limited and too dependent on the size of one's wallet. Access to the internet and technology on the other hand is growing. By observing how people seek health betterment and navigate healthcare, the design community is positioned to positively impact the health and wellness domain by prioritizing human experience, inclusive design and human-environment interaction.

Join us for this sLab Explorations event as patients, therapists, designers and researchers come together to explore the experience of mental health therapy in the world of virtual technology.


Jill Sharrock is researching innovative systems interventions in mental health care. Jill is co-organizing the event and will present "Unlocking Mental Health Access for Youth." Jill has extensive experience as a creative director, holds a BA in textile design from John Moore’s University, UK, and is currently completing the MDes in Strategic Foresight and Innovation (SFI) at OCAD University.

Adam Starkman’s research focuses on service design in the health care sector, with a particular interest in customer experience. He will present "Access to Effective Student Mental Health Services: A Question of Accessibility?" Adam is currently completing the MDes in Strategic Foresight and Innovation (SFI).

TranQool will lead a one-hour, user-centred co-design session. TranQool is an e-mental health platform that matches & connects users with therapists. The user can have a secure video therapy session on the TranQool platform. An interactive tool is being designed using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) principles to allow the user to track personal progress. In this one hour session we will explore dynamics of virtual therapy. By observing combination of technology & human behaviour, we are informing design of an innovative solution for treating mental health problems.