Design Fiction: Provoking the Future by Making It with Scott Smith

Saturday, September 29, 2012 - 17:45 to Tuesday, September 29, 2015 - 00:00
OCAD University, 100 McCaul St., Auditorium
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Could we have had the iPhone without Star Trek? Can we create the next innovation without thinking about other possible worlds? What are we making out of our imaginations that will shape what’s next?

As an emerging area of thought and practice, Design Fiction provides us with a way of “thinking about doing what we see and imagine.” By making models or prototypes of the future, we expose, test and probe it, exploring scenarios as use cases, as assumptions about the future made reality. Scott Smith of Changeist will take us on a journey to see where Design Fiction has come from, its impact on a generation unwittingly raised on it, and how designers, creatives, strategists, and other future-minded professionals are applying it to actively provoke possible futures that we prefer. 

Scott Smith is founder and principal of Changeist, a foresight, strategy and innovation lab created to find opportunities and develop new market spaces where technology and emerging behaviours intersect. He has over fifteen years of experience as a futurist and strategist at global research firms, developing new tools for capturing and mapping insights. Prior to founding Changeist, he was a futurist with a Washington-based consulting firm, helping brands such as Nokia, Honda, Herman Miller, P&G anticipate change and build roadmaps to better futures. For more visit