Aesthetics and Visualization

Wednesday, March 30, 2011 - 16:00 to 18:00
sLab, Suite 7410, 205 Richmond Street West
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What is driving the rapid uptake in information and data visualization? In addition to its clear value for science, is it emerging as a new art medium? What can this fast-evolving field teach us about reality, truth, and beauty? Come join the discussion.

About the Presenters:

Sara Diamond, co-principal investigator of the Centre for Information Visualization and Data-Driven Design (CIV-DDD), will present from her paper ‘Aesthetic Histories and Material Practices: The Limits of Visualization and the Limits of the Real’.

Patricio Davila, whose research and teaching illuminate data visualization through critical and aethetic practices, discusses ‘The Authority of Information Visualization’ —what factors make us believe that visualizations of data are truthful?

Gabe Sawhney, researcher, strategist and creative technologist delivers a report from O’Reilly’s new Strata conference, which looks at the game-changing effects of ‘big data’ in business and innovation.

Aesthetics and Visualization collage - Images: Patricio Davila and David Robert Colangelo; pdinnen (; O'Reilly Conferences