Wayne Fromm

<p class="callout">Wayne Fromm</strong> is an inventor and entrepreneur most well-known for his art of turning simple ideas into marketable products. Mentored by the late Jack L. Kamin, co-founder of the multi-billion dollar company Cadillac Fairview, Fromm has a number of patented inventions and has carefully honed the skill of bringing his ideas to fruition in practical, innovative ways. Fromm was most recently featured on CBC&rsquo;s Dragon&rsquo;s Den, for his creation of the Quik Pod Handheld Monopod. His past creations include such hits as the patented Disney&rsquo;s The Beauty and the Beast Magic Talking Mirror, Crayola&rsquo;s Colour and Show Projector, Saban&rsquo;s Power Ranger Room Defender and Nestle&rsquo;s Nesquik Magic Milkshake Maker. His company co-marketed the successful toy, Crazy Bones a popular collectible that was featured as a McDonald&rsquo;s Happy Meal. Fromm is a presently the licensor to many global companies including Spinmaster Ltd. and Nestle Foods and past licensee of Hallmark and the Walt Disney Company.</p>