Synthesis Maps 2017

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Synthesis Maps 2017 — SFI Systemic Design Course

Systemic Design courses in OCAD University's Strategic Foresight and Innovation program produced a series of maps relevant to team-selected problem areas of interest.

The following maps are noted by title, team composition, and for many, an associated PDF file and white paper. All maps are (c) copyrighted by their author teams unless otherwise licensed.



Shining a Light on Alcoholism in Canada
Alana Boltwood, Adam Hogan, Ashley Spiegel and Alastair Woods


Cycology:  How Toronto Can Become a Cycle-Friendly City
Sergio De Lara, Frances Quintero Rawlings, Pam Sethi, Lloyd Wiredu


Commoditized: A Synthesis Mapping of Fast Fashion
Neal Halverson, Kate Kudelka, and Laura Robbins


Digital Divide: Our Digital Native Land
Lindsay Clarke, Andrew Hladkyj, Zaid Khan and Chris Leveille


The Access Economy: The New Wave of Capitalism
Merwad Abdallah, Leslie Foulds, Jessica Thornton, and Ayana Webb


Healthy Communities to Healthy Behaviours
Joy Dawkins, Suhal Ahmed, and Yiwen Shao




Political Civic Engagement: How might Policy Makers Better Engage with Citizens in an Increasingly Complex World?
Jaime Calayo, Chris Chopik, and MacKenzie Thorne


Is it Time to Pull the Plug? The Social System of Hyperconnectivity
Pupul Bisht, Kashfia Rahman, Ian Kamau Prieto-McTair, and Macy Siu


Big Box Corp: How might big box corporations shift from traditional profit driven models towards a sustainable framework?
Sharene Shafie, Roberto Andrade, Tania de Gasperis, and Natalija de Jesus


Social Innovation Comes with Trade-Offs
Hannah Carriere, Mazi Javidiani, Salman Abedin, Samhita Misra and Samia Hussain


Social Movements: The Spread of Social Movements
Lee Balki, Dasami Moodley, Jordyn Rowntree, and Daniel Ura