Synthesis Maps 2016

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Synthesis Maps 2016 — SFI Systemic Design Course

Systemic Design courses in OCAD University's Strategic Foresight and Innovation program produced a series of maps relevant to team-selected problem areas of interest.

The following maps are noted by title, team composition, and for many, an associated PDF file and white paper. All maps are (c) copyrighted by their author teams unless otherwise licensed.



Shaping Policy for Genetic Modification
Ryan Taylor, Vanessa Rementilla, Janice De Jong, Jenny Whyte


Understanding the Meta-Problems of Civic Engagement in Communities
Manpreet Juneja, Graciela Guadarrama and Komal Faiz


The Future of Learning: Alternative School Models in Toronto
Andrew Luba, Ayomide Sami-Orungbe, Jade Lee Hoy, Kennedy Chiejina


A Fight for Truth: Addressing Wrongful Convictions
Anna Colagrossi, Jyotish Sonowal, Raul Valenzuela and Roxanne Nicolussi


Canada’s Real Innovation Gap
Michael Berman, Robyn McCallum, David Fascinato, Ryan Murphy


Gray Matters: The Emerging Power of the Boomer Workforce
Hala Beisha, Natale Danko, Oktay Kesebi, Donna Klaiman, Nenad Rava



Creating a Culture of University Wellness
Tyler Calder, Sunita Ferrao, Melissa Tullio, & Stephanie Massot


Government Mass Surveillance
Vince Galante, Michael Keoshkerian, Sanam Samanianpour, & Maheen Zaidi


Belonging: Toronto – A Case Study
Ziyan Hossain, Calla Lee, Courtney Cooper, Lisa Hart


The Collaborative Commons: The Way to Achieve a Good Life in a Good Society?
Amy Davies, Dee Brooks & Nicole Knibb


Learning in the 21st Century: Simulation, Gameplay and Connectivism
Annie Constantinescu, Donna Dupont , Christine McGlade, & Kelly Payne