SSHRC Imagining Canada's Future

Southern Ontario Panel on Urbanization

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In an unprecedented study, Canada's research council for social science and humanities, SSHRC, commissioned six regional panels to understand and imagine possible futures for the country in a global context.

Strategic Innovation Lab (sLab) at OCAD University provided methodological leadership together with University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT), Ryerson, Windsor and York universities and our combined intellectual communities. Our inquiry was designed to address the question:

"In the face of intensified urbanization worldwide, what do we see as the highest impact social and human challenges for Southern Ontario, now through 2030?"

Southern Ontario is witnessing increasing urbanization, and with it a host of changes, challenges and opportunities.  For example, younger people are known as early adopters of new technologies, yet older people are experiencing technologies and their consequences in surprising ways. By 2050, we expect a third of Canadians to be older than 65.  What kinds of services, societies, and care do we envision to support our communities in the face of these changes?  By bringing you together with others who have different areas of expertise, we will imagine such future challenges together.

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