Futures of Responsible and Inclusive AI by Tania de Gasperis

Tania DeGasperis's research seeks to bring participatory and responsible foresight into the AI governance discussion by drawing attention to the complex, living socio-technical problem of AI governance that requires participatory input from everyone to collectively surface challenges, evaluate solutions and learn from lived experiences and insights.

Her research presented in her MRP paper depicts the gaps in current AI governance initiatives and how participatory foresight can address the need for diverse perspectives, long term thinking of unintended consequences, and the potential to explore agility in foresight. Additionally, the paper includes the methodology and results of three foresight workshops used for the research work in this thesis. The workshop results centered around accreditations for governance or ethics, more public forums and public input, iteration labs as safe space, and a desire for society to have more agency and more communication with controlling bodies such as governments and industry.

Tania's continued research is focused on developing a foresight informed framework with the adaptiveness and reflexivity of agile methods that could assist with a more robust response to emerging technologies such as AI. Additionally, the principles of participatory and responsible foresight overlap nicely with inclusive design and efforts of current industry tools and strategies for principles such as transparency, fairness, accountability, security, safety, and explainability. This insight can help us build more inclusive and responsible AI governance frameworks.

Other research work by Tania: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=8thoVdAAAAAJ 

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