Synthesis Maps 2020

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Synthesis Maps 2020 — SFI Systemic Design Course 

Systemic Design courses in OCAD University's Strategic Foresight & Innovation MDes (Masters of Design) program produced a series of large-scale maps relevant to problem areas of interest selected by each student team.

The following works are labeled with title, team members, and for many, an associated PDF file and white paper. All maps are (c) copyright their respective author teams unless otherwise indicated.

Fast Fashion is Getting Faster. Janany Yogarajah, Michael Troop, Nirvana Garreffa, Steph Fauquier © 2020

Fast Fashion Synthesis Map


La Jeu de la Vie (Francophone Education)  Suesan Danesh, Chloe Roussel, Juan Garrido. © 2020

Francophones Synthesis Map


Instagram and Mental Health   Eugene Peng, Caitlin Pannell-Evans, Keith Burt, Nelia Teixeira. © 2020

 Public Engagement Cycle in Humanitarian Crises


SME’s Going Green. Ikem Opara, Arpit Singla, Victoria Vandenberg, Rania Younes. © 2020

 Public Engagement Cycle in Humanitarian Crises


Fighting Pandemics in the Age of Infodemics. Buffy Childerhose, Qian Feng, Julia Kowal, Trisha MacLeod. © 2020

 Public Engagement Cycle in Humanitarian Crises


Toronto Recycling is a Waste. Idil Burale, Renato Cerqueira, Jeremy Vandermeij © 2020

 Public Engagement Cycle in Humanitarian Crises


The Canadian Loonshot.  Trevor Bell, Geoffrey Evamy Hill, Nam Hoang, Ali Milad. © 2020

Canadian Loonshot


Changing Systems of Death. Sebastian Campos Moller, Khuyen Forsythe, John McArdle, Patricia Zawada © 2020

See PDF Attachment for download

Canadian Loonshot


The (Home) Sharing Economy.  Emma Johnston, Hannah Chafetz, Heather Murray, Rocio Chavez Telleria, Tanvi Nayar. © 2020

Canadian Loonsho


Putting the Dating in Online Dating.  Irene Haque, Gulnar Joshi, Aneesha Kotti, Grayce Slobodian. © 2020

Canadian Loonsho


Post-Pandemic Carbon Management. Alexis Tennent, Kathryn Cramer, Shahria Alam Khan, Siying Chen. © 2020

Canadian Loonsho

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Note: all works on this page are copyrighted by the respective authors and are not Creative Commons.