Helen Kerr

Helen Kerr

Professor, SFI Program
Professor, Faculty of Design

Helen Kerr is co-president of KerrSmith, bringing a holistic approach to business evolution, delivering complete solutions in a variety of sectors, including products for the health care environment as well as for the home. Common to all of KerrSmith's work is the underlying problem solving methodology it applies coupled with a strong aesthetic sensibility and a real sensitivity to user needs.

KerrSmith is the result of a recent merger of Kerr and Company, Helen's product and system development company focused on research and strategic innovation, and Branding and Communications experts HahnSmithDesign. Helen studied environmental science at the University of Waterloo and industrial design at OCAD University.

Research Interests

Helen's research interests include the development and design of ambient and immersive technology and experiences, and sustainability.

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