Futures of Social Innovation



Our mission is to effectively integrate design, strategic foresight, business model innovation, and systemic impact into the social innovation space.



Current Research initiatives

Social Innovation Hubs
Strategic review and design research on the “min spec” for social innovation hubs in Toronto was compiled in the Fall of 2016, with a focus on MaRS. Summary Findings to be posted here.
(for more information contact: Ned Rava)

Business Model Innovation for Social Innovation
Part of the research team (Christine, Melissa, and Ned) applied the Platform Design Toolkit to design an innovative solution for a client in early 2017. Findings from their experience will be posted here.

Policy Design for Social Change
Ned Rava has finished a comprehensive research on “Policy Design: Towards Understanding and a Methodological Framework” that was presented on March 21, 2017 as a part of the Design Explorations series of the sLab. This was followed by a research paper “Policy Design: From Technocracy to Complexity, and Beyond” prepared jointly with professor Guy B. Peters, a Maurice Falk Professor of American Government at the University of Pittsburgh, that was presented at the 2017 Annual Conference of the International Public Policy Association in Singapore.
(for more information, contact: Ned Rava)

Platforms Everywhere: Transforming Organizations by Integrating Ecosystems in Business Design
Dr Ned Rava developed a new methodology for Platform Business Design, focusing primarily on platforming of the existing business (fully or partially) of conventional organizations. The methodology is based on design methods and innovation tools that lead to fundamentally different business model from the conventional (assembly-line, pipeline) model. Special emphasis was put on networks, hubs, labs, and other organizations with large ecosystems and a potential for peer exchanges at scale. The methodology development included a prototype for a University. Ned presented this approach in the lecture on Business Innovation at the MBA course of the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto on  November 8, 2017. 
(for more information, contact: Ned Rava)

Rethinking the Business Model
This paper will propose a new business model for social innovations hubs and how they deliver value.
(for more information, contact: Leah Zaidi)

Foresight Manual for Government Practitioners 
Dr Ned Rava has prepared a new "Foresight Manual: Empowered Futures for the 2030 Agenda" for the Global Centre for Public Service Excellence, Singapore. The manual representes a comprehensive overview of concepts and methods of strategic foresight for government practitioners.
(for more information, contact: Ned Rava)