Strategic Design: Insights from Helsinki Design Lab with Bryan Boyer

Wednesday, November 14, 2012 - 02:00 to 03:30
4th Floor, 205 Richmond St. West at Duncan
Community members: 

How might we undertake to "redesign" systems, institutions, markets, and even the social contract, in the face of constraining legacies, limited finances and other extreme challenges in the public sector? When good ideas abound, but don’t always come to fruition, what approach might bring success?

Bryan Boyer is building the Helsinki Design Lab (HDL) initiative to address these questions in Finland and beyond, by fostering strategic design. HDL, nested within Finland’s innovation centre, Sitra, is founded on the belief that a deeper understanding of craft will advance our ability to succeed in meeting these redesign needs.

Recently HDL has been spending time with six leading practitioners, focusing on one project each, and getting to know their work in detail. The teams span social science, public administration, technology, design, and community organizing, but all represent instructive examples of stewardship. In these projects and others like them, HDL sees a movement towards using projects to prototype policy, where strategy and delivery are reciprocal and iterative. They are pragmatic and hopeful. They are often without precedent but still proceeding carefully forward. New practices, new themes, and even new vocabularies are emerging as this community grows.

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About the presenter:

Bryan Boyer is Strategic Design Lead at Sitra. His responsibilities include the HDL Studio Model, the HDL Global event and HDL website. Previously Bryan has worked as an independent architect, software programmer, and technology entrepreneur.  He received his BFA with Honors from the Rhode Island School of Design, and his M.Arch from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. He is co-author of the HDL book, Recipes for Systemic Change. More information is available at and Bryan Boyer's Blog,

This event is organized in collaboration with SiG.