Smart Citizens Workshop, with Arianna Mazzeo

Tuesday, October 3, 2017 - 14:00 to 18:00
sLab, 205 Richmond St West, Suite 410, Toronto ON M5V 1V3
Community members: 

How can we enable smart citizens to co-design better services in cities? In this interactive workshop, you will learn about how co-design can enable smart citizens’ capability for co-designing better public services. We will look at design as a tool for transition to a common community-building process.

This workshop is based on work done by Desis Lab Elisava to engage citizens of Barcelona in co-production processes (see here for more). The city of Barcelona faces challenges for achieving higher quality, more realistic and sustainable public services. The Municipality of Barcelona is committed to collaboration with citizens and local stakeholders to explore what citizen-led smart cities can look like, such as improving efficiency of services (read more here).

This workshop is intended to:

  • Enable you to learn about new tools and processes used in fostering city building community processes in co-production with policy makers and citizens on the basis of a case study of Barcelona
  • Highlight the work of Arianna Mazzeo and her team at DESIS Lab Elisava (Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability at Elisava Design School in Barcelona) as co-designer and transitions facilitators
  • Learn from participants in a mutual collaborative dialogue

Who should participate: This case study and workshop is for public sector innovators, design civil servants, policy makers, service designers, city builders, and lab practitioners (and any others who want to help make Toronto a better place).


  1. Case study: Who owns the smart city? Smart Citizens (25 mins)
  2. Q&A/ discussion (15-20 mins)
  3. Demo/ Hands on – co-creation piece (approx. 45 mins) (Please bring a smartphone to capture your work!)


Organized by Futures of Social Innovation research group, sLab
Hosted by MaRS Solutions Lab and OCAD University's sLab


About Arianna Mazzeo

Professor of Design for Social and Digital Innovation at Elisava Design School and Engineering, Arianna is Leader of DESIS Lab ELISAVA-DESIS Network. She is also Director of the Masterlab in Service Design for Place and Community Building (, the Research Group and Collective CAMBIO and co-leading TIME (Teaching Innovation through Experiments group), dedicated to the transition from old to new design education scenarios and training professors, practitionnaires, designers, artists, makers interesting in researching through creativity and design. She is also curator-maker of creative formats for festivals ( Open Design Festival Capetown, South Africa; Armenia Art Fair-Design Conversations), collaborating with museums outreach programs( V&A Digital Design Weekend), Fablabs network and emergent design and performing arts hubs( Marseille Living lab) to foster multidisciplinarity, peer to peer learning and collaboration. She had worked in Cameroon, Turkey, Armenia and South Africa for Local Govern on civic-coproduction programs for the future creative scenario of community building, participation, and collaboration and civic commons- community building using creativity format as platform of social and digital innovation. She works and collaborates regularly with UNIFEM, UNESCO, EESC-European Economic and Social Committee, United Nations, Victoria and Albert Museum, Xschool, GSMA, Open Design Festival Cape Town, and European Network of Culture and Creativity.