Oslo Preview: Relating Systems Thinking to Design

Tuesday, October 7, 2014 - 16:00 to 18:00
Community members: 

Selected projects and speakers from SFI will be represented at the upcoming Relating Systems Thinking to Design Symposium in Oslo, Norway, October 2014. We wanted to provide an opportunity for the students accepted in the symposium to preview their presentations with SFI, to hone their 20 minute talks and get feedback before the Oct 15-17 event.

Karen Oikonen - Human-Centering a Mental Health Service System
Presenting the Health & Wellness Centre service design in a human-system context with Adam Starkman and Peter Jones
Ksenia Benifand - Reimagining the Future: The Biomimetic Economy
Presenting their Gigamap-based systemic design project, with Ryan Church and Nihal Ahmed
Josina Vink - Now and Then: Co-Designing Systems Smart Enough for the Future
Presenting on a CAMH case study on people-powered adaptive social systems, with Matthew Hollingshead
Peter Jones will open the discussion with a preview of the Symposium. With Peter leaving this week to engage with Oslo’s HIOA university (sister to AHO) on Systemics in Design Literacy, and Ryan Church already in Europe, we will attempt a mixed presence presentation, with Peter and Ryan joining from afar.