Design with Dialogue: Two Models of Design for Human-Human Interaction

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 - 18:00
sLab at OCAD, Ste. 600, 100 McCaul St.
sLab people: 

The evening will engage participants in discussion of current applications of participatory dialogue as a practice for design thinking and social design action. Peter Jones will present and discuss two related models of "design for human-human interaction", Hugh Dubberly / Paul Pangaro’s Design for Conversation and Jones’ work on Dialogic Design (community site linked). The aim of Dialogic Design is to engage stakeholders of mixed interests and power (think healthcare, education) to formulate shared goals and attain authentic consensus on coordinated action for complex problem systems. As we expect a mix of current community participants and some new folks, our practice dialogue will be based on world café sessions on framing questions for dialogue and conversation. Our opening dialogue will start with a brief group reflection/introduction, followed by presentation and visual expression & reflection of ideas exchanged. We promise not to leave participants hanging – the Café and Harvest on “how do we frame questions” offers a rich opportunity for generating collective wisdom. A harvesting of questions and collective insights will follow and cap the evening. We also warmly invite participants from the IDEA 2009 conference to join us at 6-9 pm in the sLab, 6th floor OCAD. (We can only fit 20-25 comfortably, so don’t all show up at once!) RSVPs are welcomed. So are contributions for snacks and such.