Riel Miller

Riel Miller is a specialist in long-term strategic thinking and founder of Xperidox Futures Consulting. His work covers topics such as the future of: money, public services, education, the Internet, identity, information technology, and the knowledge society. He is one of the world's leading practitioners of scenario methods and has developed "hybrid strategic scenarios" for clients around the world. For over two decades Riel's work has concentrated on how to assess and direct the potential for socio-economic transformation in the private and public sectors. Riel works closely with clients to design and implement scenario processes that reveal the assumptions underlying current policies and the potential, often hidden, in the world around us today. Using an approach that Riel calls "rigorous imagining" he helps build new decision making capabilities and ratchet-up the innovative output of an organization. From sector specific challenges, such as the future of cash for financial institutions, to more societal challenges, such as the future of globalization in a learning intensive society, Riel brings a wealth of experience, an extensive international network and a solid reputation for creativity. For more information visit http://www.rielmiller.com